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Ingmar Bergman Through the Choreographer’s Eye (SE)

Wednesday 28 February 20:00 – 22:00

Welcome to a movie night devoted to the dance! Free entrance, tickets at TIX.

Documentary (51 min.) + Behind the scenes (39 min.) Director: Fredrik Stattin

English subtitles.

As a film director, Bergman was also a choreographer. Throughout his films, and his theatre works, one could sense his refined choreographed language – in the beautiful movement of a head, or an arm, in the blink of an eyelid – Bergman’s “invisible hand”, constantly directing the actor in a slow dance around the room.

In this documentary, four renowned and innovative Swedish choreographers interpret Ingmar Bergman through four unique dance performances. The dances are linked together with images of the epic natural beauty of Fårö and Bergman’s poetic home Hammars, with the voice of the master himself – Ingmar Bergman – revealing his thoughts about movements and music.

The documentary received Special Mention Award for exceptional artistic achievement at International Television Festival Golden Prague in 2017.

“Behind the scenes”

The film includes interviews with the choreographers, speaking about their work and how Ingmar Bergman inspired

them. We also follow them through the rehearsals and during the making of 'Ingmar Bergman through the Choreographer's eye'.


In collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Reykjavik, Dansverkstæðið / Danceatelier, Dansgarðurinn - Klassíski Listdansskólinn