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Reykjavik Goth Night 2018

Tökum á móti nýju ári myrkurs og kulda með eilífri eymd í botnlausri algleymsku.

dada progrom
Dj Mole IX
Dj Vetrarsorg

1500kr í forsölu
2000kr við hurð


"Part David Lynch nightmare, part goth dress-up party, part industrial love letter, Hatari are a sight to behold, a unique experience that will crawl under your skin and claw its way out." - Consequence of Sound

Dada Pogrom, a tech noire project published by Beatkamp distributed by Kernkrach Schallplatten. The June 6th, Reykjavík Goth Night show will feature analogue.

Gbit, an Icelandic noise artist will try to match the energy of these 2 live shows and play some fusion of goth, electronica and various alternitive styles

DJ Mole IX, a virally infected cyborg with a vast, implanted knowledge of the world of dark electronic sounds will be programmed to play a set, focusing on the darker side of electronic music.

DJ Vetrarsorg, a wayward Victorian and taphophiliac, will tune her music box to sounds of bleak despair, gothic rock, darkwave, post-punk and deathrock.