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The first Scottish/Icelandic comedy festival in history!

A group of Scotland´s finest comedians are heading over to Iceland 8-10 February for the Scotch on Ice Comedy Festival, to see which place is more miserable in winter and help their friends in the North tackle the dark with laughter. They will also be joined by local comedians because if any two nations share a sense of humour, it´s those crazy Icelanders and Scots!

*All performances are in English. Tickets on tix.is and harpa.is from 19 December.

Scotch on Ice in Gamla bíó:
Local and visiting comedians throw on a fantastic show in Gamla bíó on 9 February, with the adorable Liam Withnail compering. Liam is a rising star in the UK, one of the best comperes on the Scottish comedy circuit and has received praise for his solo shows at the Fringe. Headlining is Iceland´s very own Ari Eldjárn, whose debut show, Pardon My Icelandic, at the Edinburgh festival proved a major hit for the international audience. Don´t miss this rare opportunity to see this charming, Icelandic comedian perform in English!