Event info

Salsakommúnan will host a dance/concert January the 6th at 8:00 pm at Iðnó to celebrate the new year. The band will play music from their upcoming album along with well known salsa standards. Before the band takes the stage Salsa Iceland will offer a salsa dancing lesson to loosen up the hips and learn the basic steps.

Tickets cost 2000 kr. and 1000 kr. for students and the elderly.

Salsakommúnan (e. The Salsa Commune) is a group that performs original dance-friendly music, influenced by traditional Latin American themes. The group writes its own original lyrics in Icelandic, bringing this brand of music to a new Icelandic audience. The lyrics are inspired by the magic realism that characterises so much of Latin American literature, mixed with Icelandic reality which fuses these two contrasting cultural worlds in a fresh and novel way. The group goes back a long way, but was officially launched in the autumn of 2016. Since then it has been very active, performed at many events and will release its first album this summer.