Event info

The Black Twilight Circle, or Crepúsculo Negro, is a collective of bands from Los Angeles, US, that has stirred up a lot of attention during the recent years for a new and creative approach to the black metal genre. BTC is also a record label for the bands involved and their releases which are often released in limited quantities are sought after by collectors around the world. This January four key bands from the BTC collective will go on their first European tour with the help of the tour promoter A Thousand Lost Civilizations. The Icelandic black metal elite, Vánagandr and Tómið hungrar will in collaboration with A Thousand Lost Civilizations kick off this tour at Húrra, Reykjavík, January 18th.

Tickets are available at Tix.is.
Pre-sale tickets: 2.000 isk
Tickets at the door: 2.500 isk There will be a local band opening the event, to be announced.