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"Possibly the best dance performance in the cultural history of iceland" Eiríkur Örn, Starafugl.is

FUBAR is a dance performance by Sigga Soffía in Collaboration with musician Jónas Sen, visual artist Helgi Már and fashion designer Hildur Yeoman.

The performance received rave critics around the country and two nominations to the icelandic theatre awards 2017, Jónas Sen for music of the year and Sigga Soffía - dancer of the year

The performance melts together different art forms, dance, standup, music and singing  mixed together in a hour long performance.

“Sigga Soffía is a dancer and choreographer from Reykjavík. She is an explorer of dynamics—and is becoming known for her performances combining first-rate dancers and fireworks. Jónas Sen is just as dynamic in a different way. He’s been on world tour with Björk as her keyboardist and collaborated with her on the 2011 production of ‘Biophilia’. Witness the combustion when two stars collide.” Grapevine

FUBAR was produced by Níelsdætur in collaboration with menningarsjóð VíB and Reykjavíkurborg