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Dear Human Being.

Have you ever noticed how life goes in cycles? First you are a child, then you may beget children, who may beget children. You breath in, you breath out, in, out, endless repetitions, small and large, cycle after cycle. You need oxygen to survive, until you become completely deflated at the very end. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You are a part of nature and your life cycle is synchronised with her. You need her. Everything has effect, dear Human Being, and hopefully these thoughts will give you a new perspective on your position in the cycle of life. 

Kind regards 


Choreography Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir 

Dancers / performers  Ragnar Ísleifur Bragason, Snædís Lilja Ingadóttir, Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir and Védís Kjartansdóttir 

Music Áskell Harðarson

Set and costume design  Ragnheiður Maísól Sturludóttir 

Light design  Kjartan Darri Kristjánsson 

Dramaturgy Sigrún Huld Skúladóttir 

Photography  Ragnheiður Maísól Sturludóttir