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St. Petersburg Festival Ballet along with Iceland Symphony Orchestra perform the treasured ballet classic, Sleeping Beauty in November.

Sleeping Beauty is one of the finest ballets in the classical repertoire. Pyotr Tchaikovsky himself held it for his best ballet. To accompany the story about the beautiful sleeping princess and the brave prince who wakes her up with a kiss, Tchaikovsky composed some of his most beautiful music. The magnificent stage design of the production takes the audience to the wonderland of fairies and beauties.

Marius Petipa’s, The Sleeping Beauty has all the elements of an enduring fairy tale: romance, poetry, fate, goodness versus evil, and of course, love.

In a magic kingdom, a princess named Aurora was born. The evil fairy Carabosse cast a curse on the princess that she would prick her finger on her 16th birthday and die. When the princess’ birthday came, true to the curse, it happened. The kingdom’s good fairy, the Lilac Fairy, came to the rescue just on time, but she could only make the princess fall into a deep sleep instead. She also cast the same spell on the whole kingdom for protection. A hundred years later, Prince Désiré passed through the dark forest, hunting with his friends. At last the spell could be broken.

Children 12 years and younger get 50% discount when accompanied by adults.