Event info

Landsmót hestamanna, The National Icelandic Horse competition will take place in Reykjavík July 1.-8. 2018.

At Landsmót you will see Iceland’s top breeding horses in all age groups, the strongest tölt competition of the year and then gæðingakeppni that is divided into A and B flokkur. The young riders compete in three age groups, children, teenagers and young adults. Pace races also get their spotlight in the program.

Icelandic music and entertainment is a big part of the atmosphere, like the market area, where you can get all the Icelandic riding gear, food and “lopapeysa”

You can get a week pass that means you don´t miss anything and you can get a week pass with Reykjavík City Card that gives you free access to museums, thermal pools and City buses (Strætó) and more activities during the tournament. You can also buy a weekend pass that gives you access to the tournament from 17:00 on the Thursday July 5th. Special early bird price for a week pass is ISK 18.900, that offer ends on June 15th. Full price for a week pass after June 15th and at the gate will be ISK 23.500.


You can also buy a campingspace with electricity for the whole week, but campingspace without electricity is available for free for all who attend the event.

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