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A remote fishing village in Iceland. Teenage boys Thor and Christian experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh nature of Iceland takes back its rights, it’s time to leave the playground and face adulthood.

Hjartasteinn is Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s first feature film. In recent years, Guðmundur has won many awards for directing and writing short films. Hvalfjörður, has been particularly acknowledged in the film industry and has won 50 awards total in many of the world’s leading film festivals – including Cannes in 2013.

Hjartasteinn was the first Icelandic film to be granted the honour of a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival’s competition, in September 2016. In the following four months, the film was screened in a total of 16 festivals all around the world and was granted 17 awards. It is therefore one of the most awarded Icelandic films of our times.

The film is in Icelandic with English subtitles.