Event info

Do you want to watch one of our main stage artists/bands whilst soaking in a 3.5m tall beer glass hot tub? Well you can! Secret Solstice festival with our partners Viking beer present the Viking hot tub during our 2016 festival weekend.

Each ticket allows up to 5 friends to enter the hot tub for 30 minutes with a 5 minutes slot on either side to get changed, all while in perfect view of our main stage in the midnight sun. All entrants over 20 years of age will receive 2 Viking beers to slurp on whilst watching over the Ásgard area of Secret Solstice.

Tier 1 (12:20 to 15:40): 9.900kr (approx £55/€71/$82)
Tier 2 (15:40 to 19:00): 14.900kr (approx £83/€107/$123) - Artist guaranteed to be playing on main stage
Tier 3 (19:00 to 23:40): 19.900kr (approx £111/€143/$164) - Artist guaranteed to be playing on main stage

What’s included: 2 x 500ml Viking Beer per person, a towel per person (that you can keep) and one picture taken on your device by Secret Solstice's staff.

SAFETY NOTICE: Due to safety, guests will not be allowed to purchase two slots in a row into the hot tub, doing this will result in one canceled ticket. Guests cannot bring extra alcohol into the hot tub but are welcome to leave it with our staff at the entrance until their session is done.

NOTICE: All ticket holders have to be ready at the Viking Hot tub entrance 5 minutes before their scheduled time; late arrival can result in a canceled ticket with no refunds.