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Icelandic Music Experiments has been the main musical outlet for new bands in Iceland since 1982 and a milestone event for many promising new bands in Iceland. This competition is for young people from the age of 13-25 years.

This was for example a big stepping stone for one of the biggest band in Iceland today Of Monsters and Men who won it in 2010 and are world famous today.

The music festival  lasts for 5 days. Young people aged 13-25 can apply to participate by submitting an application to the experiment's website and paying a participation fee. There are 4 qualifier nights, where approx. 40 bands compete with the goal of advancing to the finals night.

About 10-12 bands make it to the finals, and the top three bands receive impressive prizes. The most promising instrumentalists are also chosen by a jury, while the audience chooses the most popular band by telephone vote. In recent years, the finals night has been broadcast all over the country by Rás 2, and in 2016 Ríkissjónvarpið began streaming the finals night live on www.ruv.is.

The Music Experiments provide great opportunities to observe the grassroot of Icelandic music life, and bands that all participated such as Of Monsters and Men,KUSK, Samaris, Vök, Mínus and Mammút have all taken their place in the Icelandic music scene. The festival qualifiers will take place on the 10th -13th of March 2024 at 19:30 and the ticket price for each evening is ISK 2.200.

The final night is held on 16th of March at 17:00 and the ticket price is ISK 2.700.

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Icelandair is the main sponsor of Icelandic Music Experiments.
ÝLIR Music Fund for Young People www.ylir.is is a sponsor of Icelandic Music Experiments.