Event info

Johhan Rosenberg

Traps, 2022
14 and 15 October, tóma rýmið
70 min

Traps can be seen as a confluence of different actions, dragged by linguistic elements. A
hypnotic zoo invites the viewer into its trap. The performance finds itself between the wet walls,
inhabited by an unknown identity that seeks to make eye contact with the public. Traps falls into
the captured within estrangement and dares to gaze back to reflect its own sociality.
The performance seeks to trace our forgotten belongings, being a trapping pulse and raw meat
programmed to consume. It’s a place where drugs and identities are sold and dissolved. It’s a
tongue hole, wasted head, wolf-wheel, a person's dirty mouth and a leaky engine. It travels,
restricts, pokes, and strokes our presence while we’re caught in our own traps.
Johhan Rosenberg (b. 1997) is an Estonian choreographer and artist working in the fields of
dance and performance art. Through raw vocabulary and playfulness, he layers body, text, and
sound to meet-cross in the collective consciousness. Hyper sociality, post-internet world, and
nostalgia horror are some of the keywords that are used to characterise Rosenberg's works.