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It’s time for our annual queer family reunion – a pure beauty of freedom! Gamla bíó opens at 7 pm with happy hour. At 8 pm, we officially start the festivities followed by performances from some of our fantastic local entertainers as well as distinguished guests.

Come, meet the family and partake in the festivities.

Artistic Director of this year’s Opening Ceremony: Ástbjörg Rut Jónsdóttir


  • Standing: 1,900 ISK

  • Seated: 3,300 ISK

Doors open at 7 pm. Show starts at 8 pm. 

  Reykjavik Pride is an annual event in Reykjavik. Pride celebrates culture, diversity and human rights and has been a fundamental part of the struggle for human rights for the past decades. Further information about Reykjavik Pride can be found at