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Guitar Islancio is an Icelandic trio that arranges traditional Icelandic folk music to a jazz vibe, played by two guitarists and a double bass player. For many years the trio has travelled around the world for concerts and music festivals and introduced people to old Icelandic music in contemporary arrangements. This year the trio is celebrating its 25th anniversary and will play in one of Iceland's finest concert halls, Harpa on the 16th of february at 8pm. Jonas Knutsson on saxophone, Unnur Birna, vocalist and on violin, along with Fúsi Óttars on drums will join Guitar Islancio on stage for the celebration. Together they'll play a mixture of traditional Icelandic and Swedish folk music along with original music by Jonas and Björn.

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Björn Thoroddsen - guitar
Þórður Árnason - guitar
Jón Rafnsson - bass
Jonas Knutsson -  alto and soprano saxophones
Unnur Birna Björnsdóttir - violin and vocals
Sigfús Örn Óttarsson - drums