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The eruption on Heimaey - 50 years on

Eyjanótt – 1973 2023

Eyjatónleikar 21.janúar í Hörpu

On 21st January 2023 we will come together in Eldborg in Harpa and remember the largest historical event in the history of Iceland and celebrate that, despite the odds, all went well. We will be performing many of the best songs that are recognised as our island songs - there are but a few.


Klara Elías, Jóhanna Guðrún, Stefán Hilmars, Magnús Kjartan, Hreimur, Sverri Bergmann, Halldór Gunnar, Jarl Sigurgeirs, Eygló Scheving, Kristjáni Gísla, Ölmu Rut. Female and male choirs of Vestmannaeyjar.

Þóris Úlfars Orchestra

The eruption on Heimaey is the only eruption in Iceland to occur in a habitation. That night 1350 families, a total of 2,5% of Iceland's population, lost their homes when a fissure of 1,6 km opened up. The eruption did not only impact the islanders of Heimey but also Iceland's economy, as the vast fishing industry of the Westman Islands created around 12% of the total export.

The situation looked far from good and one of the most prominent volcanologists predicted that the island would never be rebuilt, but the people returned, cleaned and rebuilt their home. Today, the Westman Islands, has a  thriving community and the future is bright.