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Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra performs works by Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish composers at Nordic Music Days. The concert features the premiere of Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson's trumpet concerto with trumpeter Jóhann Nardeau.

Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra has played an important role in the capital's music scene for decades. The ensemble performs in groups of varying sizes, from 3 to 35 people, but the size of the group is determined by the needs of the compositions at each time. The members of the chamber orchestra are active participants in the musical life of Iceland, as they are members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and various other ensemble, as well as being teaches. The RSO has certainly enriched Icelandic musical life by giving an audience the opportuniy to listen to first-class performances of the repertoire from various periods of musical history. The orchestra was awarded the Icelandic Music Prize for their recordings of Bach´s Brandenburg oncertos with conductor Jaap Schröder and was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2015.

Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson (IS) - Concerto for trumpet and chamber orchestra (2022) (WP)
Kalle Hermanni Autio (FI) - Karl very tired and lower average ouverture (2018)
Martyna Kosecka (NO/PL) - Ourobóros (2018/22)
Mansoor Hosseini (SE/IR) - Pharmacy Suite (2017)
Þuríður Jónsdóttir (IS) - The CV of a Butterfly (2019)


Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra

Jóhann Nardeau, trumpet

Toby Thatcher


We are excited to welcome you to Nordic Music Days 2022 in Iceland. The festival takes place in the capital Reykjavík and the municipality of Kópavogur. Next to many concerts at various venues and in public spaces the rich festival program offers an exhibition of innovative instruments, a conference on global impact in the arts, concerts for school children and a workshop for young music journalists. Please join in and share our passion for international community building!

??The Nordic Music Days have been organized since 1888 as one of the oldest festivals for contemporary classical music in the world. The festival is unique in the sense that it is organized by the composers themselves. This years’ festival is organized by the Icelandic Composers’ Society.