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Reykjavik Arts Festival

New and enchanting dimensions open up at the Persian Path concert which features an outstanding lineup of five Iranian and two Icelandic musicians. The repertoire comes from Ásgeir Ásgeirsson and Hamid Khansari‘s acclaimed album of the same name. Their collaboration has been praised as an innovative, daring and powerful encounter between musical vibes across continents. It is not everyday that esteemed musicians from Iran and Iceland come together onstage to perform a set of brand new arrangements of folk songs from their regions. Persian instruments, harmonies, rhythm and creation interweave with old Icelandic melodies and Sigríður Thorlacius‘ vibrant singing. From Teheran a group of highly talented musicians will join Hamid, Ásgeir and Sigríður on the stage: Sara Rezazadeh, Hooman Roomi, Bahar Modiri and Aryan Rezaee.

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson has taken Icelandic folk music on a fruitful journey through the Middle East and Southeastern Europe where this music is given new life beyond the Western world.