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'Hunden Bakom Mannen' is a new performance by Losti Collective about the 97 Greenlandic sled dogs who were the first dogs to set their paws on the South Pole.

In 1909 two men had the same idea: to be the first humans to walk on the South Pole. One of the men was a British naval officer, named Robert Falcon Scott, and the other man was the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. The two men and their respective teams began to compete for time and raced in the direction of the South Pole as the media back home watched.
Scott, the British man, tried reaching his goal by using horses and primitive snowmobiles and subsequently died trying. Amundsen, the Norwegian, got the help of Greenlandic sled dogs to transport him towards the South Pole, a goal that he reached on the 15th of December in 1911.

However, this is not the story of these men.

This is the story of the 97 dogs upon whom Amundsen based his victory.

Authors and performers: Selma Reynisdóttir & Hallveig Kristín Eiríksdóttir
Costumes: Ella Snellman
Lighting Design: Pyry Pakkala Petterberg
Composer: Eygló Höskuldsdóttir Viborg
Dramaturge: Gígja Sara Björnsson
Scenography: Oscar Dempsey
Guidance and lecture on the Greenlandic Sled Dog: Pipaluk Lykke
Photography: Gunnlöð Jóna Rúnarsdóttir & Helen Korpak

Created with the support of Lókal Art Festival, Dansverkstæðið, Reykjavíkurborg, Nordic Culture Point, Letterstedska föreningen & Nordisk Kulturfond.