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29th September - Unnur Birna & Björn Thoroddsen Band
The fresh and multi-style band will do their best to please the guests of Harpa Concert Hall on the first night of the autumn concert series. These wonderful artists will play many different music genres and you´ll never know what you will get from one song to another when it comes  to these great musicians. All kinds of jazz, django, blues, rock, pop and so much more.
Joining Unnur Birna and Björn Thoroddsen are Skúli Gíslason playing drums and Sigurgeir Skafti on bass. We highly recommend this concert because it will be the last from this band until the highly anticipated Guitarama festival which starts at the end of October

Unnur Birna, vocals, violin
Björn Thoroddsen, guitar
Sigurgeir Skafti, bass
Skúli Gíslason, drums