Event info


The sing along event “Brekkusöngur” at “Þjóðhátíð” in Vestmannaeyjar has been the highlight of every Bank holiday celebration of Icelanders for decades. Now, for the first time ever, it will be available globally via livestream and you can enjoy the festivities from anywhere in the world.

20:30 - Broadcast starts
21:00 - Albatross and guests
23:00 - “Brekkusöngur” sing-along starts

Magnus Kjartan Eyjolfsson will head the sing-along and the guests performing with Albatross are:

- Guðrún Árný
- Jóhanna Guðrún
- Sverrir Bergmann
- Pálmi Gunnars
- Ragga Gísla
- Klara

Special guest: Hreimur.

Only one ticket is needed per household.

To access the stream:

1. Buy a ticket at tix.is/brekkusongur and choose the option STREYMI
2. Retrieve your code from your ticket
3. Go to senalive.is/brekkusongur-streymi
4. Click “Skrá inn” and you can then switch the language to English in the bottom right corner
5. Create an account
6. Input your code
7. The broadcast starts on August 1st at 20:30.