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Broken Cycle Trio (DE/IS/US)

Broken Cycle is a collective trio made up of saxophonist Angelika Niescier from Köln, guitarist Hilmar Jensson from Reykjavík and the American drummer Scott McLemore. The music is a unique brand of organized chaos straddling the dividing line between freedom and form.

2015 saw their debut album "Broken Cycle" which received glowing reviews from the international press such as Jazz 'n' More in Switzerland, Jazzrytmit in Finland, Jazz Convention in Italy and it was chosen for the Europe Media Chart by Jazz Special in Denmark. Since then they have performed together both in Iceland and Europe and have begun work on a follow-up album.

Both Hilmar and Scott are well known to the Icelandic jazz audience, but although Angelika has performed in Iceland several times, many may not know that she is among the busiest bees on the German jazz scene. She has received many awards including the ECHO Jazz award in 2010 and the prestigious German Jazz Prize in 2017 and her albums win the praise of critics in Germany and abroad. Her album "Sublim III" was called "the best German jazz recording since 10 years " by Jazzthing Magazine and they chose her 2011 album "Quite Simply" as quite simply the best album of the year.

Angelika Niescier (DE) : saxophone
Hilmar Jensson (IS) : guitar
Scott McLemore (US) : drums


"In Orbit" - Release concert at Reykjavík Jazz 2021

The Norwegian/Icelandic quartet ASTRA is proud to release their debut album In Orbit. A story of time and space through a transatlantic fellowship between Norway and Iceland.

The idea was formed around uniting the Norwegian and Icelandic jazz scene by creating a project that was unique and borderless. Iceland’s well known alto saxophonist Sigurður Flosason joins forces with guitarist Andrés Thor in a collaboration with Norwegian bassist Andreas Dreier and Anders Thorén on the drums. Together they form a unit that exhibits new energy and an immediate musical bond that moves the listener from the first note. In Orbit offers a musical journey through time and space. Rugged yet beautiful Nordic sonic landscapes meet the intensity of a space launch in tracks such as Leaving Earth. The music on In Orbit can be described as modern lyrical jazz with strong melodies, beautiful harmonic structures and rythmic dexterity. In Orbit is a musical journey of time and space that is always evolving and never intending to slow down. The album was recorded by Birgir Jón Birgisson at Sundlaugin Studio, Iceland Jan 18-19, 2020. Mixed and mastered by Hafþór “Tempó” Karlssonc at Dallas Studio.

Sigurður Flosason : alto saxophone
Andrés Thor : guitar
Andreas Dreier : bass
Anders Thorén : drums