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Oddrun LILJA has been recognised as an authentic, exciting and virtuos guitarist and composer from the Norwegian jazz scene. In addition to her world wide touring with recognised bands as Bugge Wesseltoft’s
"New Conception of Jazz," Frode Haltli’s "Avant Folk," and "Moksha," she has travelled to perform with traditional musicians all over the world.

Inspired by these journeys, LILJA is releasing her debut solo album “Marble” on Jazzland recordings in September 2020. The album consists of ten pieces, named after the cities she has visited. It features a
star team of musicians, including Sanne Rambags (vocal), Bugge Wesseltoft (piano), Jo Skaansar (bass), Helge Norbakken (percussion) and guest artists from Pakistan, Kenya, Morocco and Lebanon.

Oddrún Lilja Jónsdóttir (NO/IS) : guitar / voice
Sanne Rambags (NL) : voice
Sunna Gunnlaugsdóttir (IS) : piano
Jo Skaansar (NO) : bass / voice
Erik Qvick (SE/IS) : drums


Kathrine Windfeld Sextet (DK/SE/PL)

Kathrine Windfeld is a rising star on the European jazz scene, not least for her bold writing for her adventurous big band”
- Jazzwise Magazine (UK)

The Guardian (UK) describes Kathrine Windfeld‘s compositions as a rare combination of delicacy and strength: A colorful meeting of sophisticated harmonic passages, driving grooves and poetic ballads that float into her explosive arrangements.

With her highly acclaimed three big band releases AIRCRAFT (2015), LATENCY (2017) and the recent ORCA (2020), Kathrine Windfeld s´ name has quickly exceeded the borders of her Scandinavian home, leading to countless awards and raving reviews in international publications like Downbeat (USA), Le Monde (F) and Jazzthing (DE).

Windfeld’s handpicked dream team of young Scandinavian and Polish musicians effortlessly combine playful precision with enthusiastic power. The horn section offers a delicate blend of strong individual voices in tight and sharp ensemble playing bursting into breathtaking solo spots. Bass player Johannes Vaht and drummer Henrik Holst Hansen (members of Kathrine Windfeld Big Band since 2014), always deliver an intense performance with precision and creativity.

In addition to touring with her own ensembles, Kathrine Windfeld has collaborated with top class orchestras like the Danish Radio Big Band (DK), Frankfurt Radio Big Band (DE) and Swedish Bohuslän Big Band. Her ambitious work has also inspired international greats such as Mike Stern, Seamus Blake and Gilad Hekselman to share stage with her.

“Windfeld's band of leading young Scandinavian musicians is as tight and sharp as any you'll hear"
- The Guardian (UK)

"In the musical substance of the compositions, Kathrine Windfeld can compete with the big names in the business”
- JazzPodium (DE)

Kathrine Windfeld (DK) : piano
Marek Konarski (PL) : tenor saxophone
Tomasz Dabrowski (PL) : trumpet
Hannes Bennich (SE) : alto saxophone
Johannes Vaht (SE) : double bass
Henrik Holst Hansen (DK) : drums