Event info

The concert will be available globally through streaming. Only one ticket is needed per household.

Björgvin Halldórsson is one of Iceland’s most cherished musicians and during career spanning over five decades had a hand in shaping Icelandic pop music as we know it. Björgvin’s 70th birthday is on April 16th and he will celebrate this special day with a streaming concert live from Borgarleikhúsið with a superband and special guests.

Björgvin’s long list of musical accomplishments has had a profound effect on many, not only in Iceland but all over the world. At his birthday show he will go over his entire career with music, pictures, and video.


  • GDRN
  • Jóhanna Guðrún
  • KK
  • Krummi
  • Svala 


  • Eyjólfur Kristjánsson
  • Friðrik Ómar
  • Regína Ósk 


  • Einar Scheving - Percussion
  • Davíð Sigurgeirsson - Guitar
  • Friðrik Sturluson - Bass
  • Jóhann Hjörleifsson - Drums
  • Jón Elvar Hafsteinsson - Guitar
  • Sigurgeir Sigmunds - Steelguitar
  • Þórir Baldursson - Hammond
  • Þórir Úlfarssson - Piano 

Promoter: Sena Live