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At this concert the Iceland Symphony performs two works by Kaija Saariaho and Robert Schumann. The highly expressive Fourth Symphony by Schumann is a great testament to his originality. Originally titled “Symphonic Fantasy for Large Orchestra,” the music alternates between high drama, mysteriousness, and excitement, characteristic of the many emotions Schumann could express in his wonderful music.

This concert also features a fascinating flute concerto by the much-lauded Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, performed by Iceland Symphony's member Áshildur Haraldsdóttir. The work, titled Wing of Dream, is inspired by various kinds of bird song, but also of ancient aboriginal tales. This work has received rave reviews and is widely considered among the most important flute concertos of recent decades. Conducting the orchestra is Daníel Bjarnason, who was recently nominated for a Grammy alongside the Iceland Symphony for Best Orchestral Performance.

Ticket sales and concertgoer's guide
In accordance to local health regulations and to ensure the safety of our patrons, the Eldborg concert hall in Harpa has been divided into several areas, each with a maximum capacity of 50 guests. To ensure space between guests, one empty seat will be reserved between each ticket order. We also offer seats that ensure a distance of 2 meters on all sides, but these tickets must be booked through the Harpa ticket office, tel. 528-5050. Read our concertgoer's guide here.

Kaija Saariaho: Aile du songe, Flute Concerto
Robert Schumann: Symphony no. 4

Daníel Bjarnason

Áshildur Haraldsdóttir