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Jono Duffy and Kimi Tayler are not musicians, they’re comedians who happen to love music. In the midst of the COVID lockdown this power couple of queer comedy in Iceland took their love of music to a whole other level, the result is CRAPAPELLA.

CRAPAPELLA is exactly what it sounds like, a crappy acapella band. Yep that’s right, Kimi and Jono have taken some of their favourite hits and turned them into cover versions, all the instruments are provided by just their voices.

Crapapella Live is a one night only experience where Kimi and Jono will perform their covers for you live (well as live as it can be when they have no idea how to use loop pedals).

Come see these adorable idiots as they smash their way through Eurovision, pop, and a few other things in between.

There will be terrible costumes, there will be jokes, there will be out of breath dancing all in the name of loving music.